Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Footprints of Favor

You are stepping into new territory. It is like a construction site where new concrete walkways are being poured. The forms God has set up to define your path are being filled with the equivalent of spiritual concrete.  God has set these forms to hold the wet concrete of new faith-opportunities that will eventually harden to become the testimony of your life. Your footprints will provide future generations with a way forward and a reminder of your unique journey of faith.

As you step into your walkway of destiny it can be sloppy and messy like someone sloshing through fresh concrete. This doesn’t destroy anything in God’s Kingdom as compared to footprints marking wet concrete in the natural. God is having you step forward into this messy moment with a purpose in mind. He wants you to leave behind the evidence of your journey as a testimony of His favor on your life

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