Friday, September 9, 2016

I Vote Faces

When I cast my vote, I imagine faces.

I imagine the face of…

a hungry child who could be helped by better social programs.
a battered woman who feels unprotected and vulnerable.
a person ravaged by a war of national convenience.
a baby grimacing in pain during a grotesque abortion procedure.
a soldier in a firefight needing better funding for better equipment to survive.
a person denied the same rights I enjoy simply because they are different.
a person who was viciously attacked without a means of self-defense.
a person imprisoned for decades for a non-violent crime.
a senior citizen when their Social Security benefit is threatened.

These faces have become the policies that direct how I vote. I no longer see the face of the politicians running for office or the parties they represent. I only see injustice and unrighteousness and want to make a difference with my vote. When I see these faces that reflect suffering and confusion, I owe the lives of the real people who live behind those faces my vote to help bring change and to let them know they are not alone.

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