Friday, September 30, 2016

Mic Drop Moments

Some of the people who study space believe the realms of outer space are expanding faster than the speed of light. That creative light is advancing into the undefined dimensions of nothingness creating new realms as it expands outward. We need light and the dimension of time and space in order to define our reality. What is happening is far beyond that reality and the natural capabilities of a human being to see or comprehend its existence.  
The galaxies being created at this very moment in the distant reaches of space will never be detected by us no matter how advanced we become. It will always remain out of the reach of our perception because of the rapid speed of its expansion. The edge of nothingness that lies at the border of created space is currently yielding to the voice of God who set it all in motion when He spoke the words, “Let there be light”. This is the same God who put on a human body and paid us a visit 2,000 years ago and told us He wants us to be His friends.  
So the next time you listen to anyone confidently saying they have any aspect of God all figured out smile and pray from them. Be merciful and realize it has probably been a long time since they stood beneath the stars and took time to contemplate the immensity of the One they worship.

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