Thursday, September 15, 2016

Prophetic Coaching

The gift of prophecy is not the equivalent of an energetic half-time pep talk from a coach. A coach will challenge his athletes to draw on the strength and training they possess in order to produce a win. The words of his half-time challenge are based on what he knows they can accomplish.

New Testament prophecy is different. It reveals a place of promise beyond the reach of human strength and talent. These places of possibility remain hidden unless prophetically revealed by the Spirit.

As you help people move forward in their faith you are helping them understand God is not wanting to produce onlookers who sit in the bleachers of life waiting for God to make the play. He invites the hearer of a prophetic word to step out of the bleachers of disbelief onto the playing field fully equipped in faith ready to cooperate with God and the word for its fulfillment.

A prophet encourages people to believe for something outside their current reality and beyond the realm of possibility. At that point you do become a coach helping people see the all-sufficiency of God and His faithfulness to perform what He promised.

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