Thursday, September 22, 2016

Prophets of the Pause

We are at a critical juncture in our national history. In these uneasy times knowing what motivates our response to the turmoil that is taking place will be an important discovery to make. Review your thoughts and actions to see if you are living with the mindset of an expired covenant or living and being transformed by New Covenant principles. 

During any time of cultural conflict we need to review the scriptural admonition that mercy triumphs over judgment.  Understanding this truth and walking in a practical application of its reality will be what leads us to the place where solutions to the complex issues we are facing are waiting to be discovered.

Walk with an extra measure of wisdom in the next few days and weeks. Your response will be part of what steers the national conversation. Give each conversation and interaction you have with others the gift of a pause before your respond. In that pause allow the Spirit to present the words God wants to speak through you that will express His heart to a hurting nation.

This morning as I watched the turmoil unfolding in Charlotte, I heard the Lord say, “I am raising up a group of people I will call, ‘Prophets of the Pause.’” He is looking for mouths waiting to be filled with His revolutionary words of love and mercy, not the parroted words of people who speak the same worn and ineffective words of fear currently being echoed in the streets of our nation.

Channel your passion and frustration by exercising self-control. Give God a pause and He will give you a message. Self-control is one of the most impacting fruits of the Spirit in times when uncertainty and fear is fueling the national dialogue. Our nation is a garden ready to be filled with seeds of hope. Plant wisely.

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