Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Honey is Coming

Every morning I have a ritual. I get the coffee ready and put out something sweet for Jan to have with her coffee when she gets up. This morning there was a Mason jar with just a little bit of honey left in the bottom. It was a cool night so the honey was slow making its trek down the side of the jar to finally hit my target – a scone made the day before by my daughter, Anna.

After I finished my coffee and scone, I heard the words, “The honey is coming.” I knew in an instant what those words meant. Many times when the Lord speaks one sentence it is actually reams of truth waiting to be discovered if we are willing to dig deeper into its content.

Some of your lives resemble a person faithfully standing in an early morning kitchen. You are holding a Mason jar upside down waiting for the honey to make its slow descent onto the object of your affection. The honey represents that special touch of God that will sweeten a relationship, business or ministry to bring it to a new level of flavor and experience. This honey is only available to those who believe it is there and who are willing to wait for its arrival. The Lord is about to honor your faithful waiting.

This morning, once the honey actually got to the lip of the jar, I had to quickly upend the jar because so much honey was coming out. This is you! Stay put and don’t move. The honey is coming and when it begins to flow it will flow in abundance and dramatically change the flavor of everything.

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