Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Revealing Wind of the Spirit

Today, a Spirit-birthed image entered my mind. I was looking at the distance horizon of a desert scene. A powerful wind began to blow across the sands. The wind blew with increasing intensity blowing away a deep layer of sand revealing the structure of a hidden civilization. At first just the tops of the structure became visible. As the wind continued to blow the full structure was finally revealed, including the foundation.

Immediately, I knew this was the wind of the Spirit blowing on the Church. Over time a deep layer of sand has covered the simplicity and power-potential of the western Church. The covering sands were our methodologies, techniques and programs that did not require the empowering presence of the Spirit. Paul shared with the Ephesians that the structure of the living organism called the Church was built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets with Jesus as the cornerstone. Everything is built upon that foundation. Jesus is uncovering His original intent so we can rediscover the foundations of our calling.

This coming sandstorm of the Spirit will present a challenge. Once revealed the simplicity and power of what is seen will require a courageous adjustment. A church led only by a pastor-teacher gift will eventually be recovered with sand over time. Adjustments are needed to return us to the foundational intent of Jesus for Church led by an apostolic and prophetic gifting.  

When the winds of change begin to blow many will get sand in the eyes of their ministry vision. This is part of the revealing and healing process.  Once their eyes are cleared of the accumulated grit of ministry some of these leaders will be able to see what has been hidden and make adjustments accordingly. Others will return to old patterns and be recovered to disappear once again. The wind of change is blowing. When the dust settles a fresh clarity will arrive revealing a coming season of incredible harvest.

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