Sunday, September 25, 2016

A Sign of Love

Yesterday, Jan and I stopped to visit Silver Falls State Park outside of Salem, Oregon. We had been on the road for a few days so stopping to stretch our legs and take a hike was a great decision. We walked along a well-marked trail that bordered a steep canyon containing a series of stunning waterfalls that makes this place so famous.

We rounded one turn on the trail and noticed the sign depicted in the photo I shared with this article. I sensed the Lord wanted me to take a picture. Immediately, I got the sense the sign was a message.  As I looked beyond the sign, I saw an unofficial trail made by inquisitive people who walked past the sign’s prohibition to see what was in the danger zone. I wonder who might have been the first poor soul to fall from this precipitous place causing the warning sign to be erected.

As I looked at the sign and the trail, the Lord spoke a word to me. He said, “Some of you need to return to the trail I have asked you to walk. Beyond the sign of warning exists a grave danger I have not planned for your life. I placed this sign of caution before you as an act of love, not as a sign of restriction. What is about to be revealed on the trail ahead is something beautiful and without regret. Keep walking in faith.  Stay on my trail. Something beautiful is just around the next turn.

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