Friday, October 21, 2016

A Bouquet of God's Presence

On a recent ministry trip, I was on the road for almost a week. My schedule had me ministering in several locations. Between two of the meetings, I had one night on the road to myself, so I reserved a room in a well-known national motel chain. Driving onto the property I was happy I had selected the motel. The property and lobby appeared well-maintained. Several of the lobby staff were standing behind the front counter when I entered. Immediately, I noticed the atmosphere was depressed. The faces of the employees reflected a dark and somber expression. I had arrived early hoping my room was ready, but was told to return in an hour. I used that time to drive around town.

The town was celebrating Halloween. Not in a normal way, but in an over-the-top fashion. Witches, headless scarecrows with hatchets, bloodied goblins and all kinds of dark images literally filled every block of the town. It was a Chamber of Commerce event gone wild. In the stores spiders and spider webs were everywhere. It was like something had descended over the town and covered it. I was waiting for Stephen King to walk by and tell me this was the backdrop for his latest book of horror.

Finally, I stopped at a supermarket to grab some snacks. As I walked by the floral section of the store, the Lord said, “Buy a bouquet”. I knew immediately what I was to do. I bought a bouquet of white roses in a vase and returned to the hotel to check-in. A woman, who I would later learn was the off-duty manager, entered the lobby door with me. One of the counter clerks I had seen before met us at the counter. The manager thought I was a delivery person and asked, “Well, who are those for?” I said, “They are for you and your lobby staff.” Immediately, the entire atmosphere of the lobby made a shift. The stagnant air of depression was replaced by a wind of the Spirit. Both women became bubbly and talkative. It was like I was a missing relative being welcomed home after a long absence.  All of a sudden the staff were working in the best place ever.

I knew buying the bouquet was a prophetic act that carried an assignment. At the time of the purchase, I did not know the bouquet would shift the spiritual environment of a hotel lobby. Many times we can pass up these nudges of the Spirit to do something simple and miss seeing God work in a profound way.

After I checked in, I went up to my room. As soon as I dropped my bags on the floor, I prayed a familiar prayer of protection and revelation I always pray when I enter any unfamiliar accommodation while on the road. I sensed the peace that was released in the lobby when the bouquet delivered was waiting to greet me in my room. The fragrance of a spiritual bouquet of God’s presence had filled the room. I knew God had accomplished His purpose for my unscheduled visit to this out-of-the-way little town. I slept long and deep that night like someone lying on a bed of white rose pedals.

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