Saturday, October 8, 2016

A Spirit-Directed Narrative

Significant shifts are taking place in the spiritual realm. In this time of change allow the Holy Spirit to steer your narrative and your actions. An unwise and emotionally directed response could sideline the intended impact of your voice in this cycle of change.

You may find yourself being directed toward a position not supported by some segments within the Church and the larger culture. You may actually face opposition from both sides of an issue because God’s wisdom will create options not considered by the natural mind. God’s answer will never make either side of an issue happy. Let go of the need to be accepted by anyone. That need of acceptance has the potential to dilute the message you have been asked to speak.

Some of you will find your life being steered into a wilderness place of isolated opinion as the result of a revised Kingdom worldview. This steering will be done by the intention and purpose of the Spirit. Just as John the Baptist stood alone in the wilderness, so will some of you stand alone in the coming days in the court of public opinion. Do not compromise the words you have be given to speak. Draw on the courage of the Spirit and cry out from your wilderness place. Speak the truth in love and trust God with the outcome.

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