Monday, October 31, 2016

Before You Vote

For years, I have always wanted to write things that give people hope. I have believed that hope, not judgment, is the way forward. Today, I write this as an introduction to a video my wife, Jan, had the courage to post yesterday. To be honest, I wondered if posting such a video would bear the fruit of hope. After reviewing the video, I came to a conclusion. It does produce hope because without a full understanding of what is at stake, there can be no hope. Hope comes as a message that promises a new future in the midst of the hopeless-appearing situations present in our culture.

Regarding the abortion issue, many people have chided others who hold it up as a single issue for an election cycle. I think there are times when a single issue is of such importance it can actually sway public opinion. I have read the statistics of abortion under the last several administrations. It is a sad history reflecting little change. I no longer care who is in office. What I care about is who is in a woman’s womb.

As a man, many would say to me, “You have no right to tell a woman how to handle the personal decisions about her body.” I agree with that statement. I do not want to interfere with the decisions a woman makes about her own body. It is none of my business. What makes it my painful business is the life of the little person inside a womb who has no rights once an abortion procedure begins. 

The Church is beginning to learn how important it is to love the women who have gone through an abortion. Mercy, not judgment, is needed for those who make the painful decision to abort a life and who will experience the long-term personal trauma of that decision.  I think we have missed a critical point in this conversation by thinking the trauma of a parent who aborts their baby is a greater trauma than the trauma experienced by the life of the baby it destroys. We can counsel parents back to wholeness and forgiveness after an abortion. An aborted child has no opportunities for such a second chance.

Watch the attached video. It turned my stomach. I held off watching it because of the anger I knew it would create in me, or the possibility that I would say something ill-informed and emotionally charged on Facebook. Frankly, I have been reluctant to put this issue out there in the public square of social media because I did not want to be another fervent voice lost in the pool of dissent and unbridled emotion. I am a prophet by gifting. I am issuing my thoughts as a prophetic invitation to those who read this posting to have you consider again what is at stake in this election.  I write this having read and worked through all the arguments on both sides of this issue for the last 40 years. After all the talk and logic that has been expressed it still boils down to a baby waiting to emerge from the womb into the light of day to hopefully be held and loved by a welcoming parent. No baby was ever created to see the stainless steel surgical tools of their death enter the womb as the first indicator of the condition of the world into which they hoped to be birthed.

As you process this important issue, imagine holding a newborn child in your arms and having someone come and try to take the baby and brutally dismember its beauty reducing it to a pile of disconnect limbs and organs. Would you fight? Yes you would if you have a beating heart within your chest. You would fight unto death to protect that innocent life.  I encourage you to vote with that same courage moving beyond the personalities listed on the ballot and the political drama being played out on your TV and computer screens. Lives are at stake.

If you comment, please comment with honor. I am asking you to simply watch the attached video and take your struggle with its imagery and implication to your voting booth or to the empty slots on your mail-in ballot and vote with that part of your conscience that lines up with the heart of a loving Heavenly Father.

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