Saturday, October 1, 2016

Finding a Place of Rest in a Restless World

Any form of rest that must be protected will eventually become a place of fatigue.  The energy expended in an attempt to protect a situational form of rest will actually produce the very thing you are trying to avoid.

The rest you have been given in Jesus Christ is something you are able to carry with you into every aspect of life.  Jesus became your Sabbath rest so that your place of rest would no longer be limited to a single day. Rest is the nature of your relationship with God and the state of your being.

Take a day off. Schedule a vacation. Plan your calendar with an abundance of margin time. These are all good things to do, but they cannot produce the kind of rest for your soul that God intends you to experience. In most cases these well-meaning attempts to find rest only serve as a postponing influence that we demonstrate for a short time before we reenter the restless existence be had before we took some time off to “rest".  These false starts never really become a place of rest because the restless person who entered the promised respite continued to hold on to a spirit of disbelief that created the absence of rest in the first place.

“So we see that because of their unbelief they were not able to enter his rest.” Hebrews 3:19

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