Sunday, October 23, 2016

Importation and Impartation

Yesterday, I drove by a series of large shipping docks that lined a deep-water port on the Columbia River near Longview, Washington. Shipments from all over the world had made their way to these docks to be unloaded by Longshoreman and sent to various destinations across the nation. Many of these items arrived as the result of an order placed by an import agent who brought goods into the United States from a distant nation.

Later in the morning, I was in the middle of a daylong teaching session at the Northwest School of Supernatural Ministry in Rainer, Oregon. I was working through my prepared material on Prophetic Alignment. Then the Lord dropped in my heart the unexpected words, “Importation precedes Impartation”. Those words were not part of my original notes. I was experiencing one of those moments when God adds to what I had originally prepared because He wants to say something I had not planned. Later, during the question and answer session with the students, someone asked me to unpack that phrase.

The Church is in the importation business. We are agents for the goods and services of Heaven. We import and release Heaven on Earth through impartation according to the level of our faith. Those impartations can come through a declaration, prayer, blessing or any act of love. Each of these impartations is empowered by the Spirit according to specific shipping and delivery orders.

God wants to bring a shipment of supernatural goods and services to your community through the agency of your faith. He is looking for spiritual import agents who will place impossible-sounding orders for shipments of glory and goodness that have the potential to radically shift the environment at the destination of their delivery. It is time to set up your import and impart business. God is ready to deliver the goods if you will place the order.

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