Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Spiritual Time Travel

Some of you are about to experience the equivalent of spiritual time travel. God is preparing to take you back in your memory to a place in time where He will reveal to you what you have not known. You will discover and come to understand a piece of your forgotten history.

As my mother was advancing in years we knew her time to depart this world was drawing near. I began to go through her things to see what the family should keep and what we should give away.  The most interesting part of that process was going through her old family photos. Some of these photos were almost 100 years old. I began to learn some of my family history from the photos and the faces captured within their imagery. At one point I became frustrated that some of the most unique photos had no script telling me who the people were or the surroundings depicted in the photograph.  I kept these photos even though to this day I do not know who some of these people are or what occasion the photographs represented.

God is taking some of you back to a time and place that resembles an old family photograph. These old photo-like experiences are without a title or description. He is taking you back to these undiscovered places to reveal a deeper understanding of your past and provide a greater revelation for your future.

Once you understand the description and definition of these forgotten images the challenges and opportunities you are currently facing will finally come into focus providing you with the clarity needed to move forward. As a result of this spiritual time travel you will also discover the next step to take in your journey. That step of faith will lead you to the fulfillment of your destiny because you came to understand a piece of your history.

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