Friday, October 14, 2016

The Coming Storm of God's Presence

A chain of unusual events, along with a stream of yet-to-be-fulfilled prophetic words, are coalescing and heading toward the United States like an approaching storm.  Under the right circumstances, a string of natural storms can come together to form a river in the atmosphere bringing a continuous flow death and destruction. This storm from God is just the opposite. It is a powerful storm of hope, wisdom and fresh revelation. When it arrives it will collide with the hardened spiritual coastline of our nation and blow away the doubt, cynicism and fear that is fueling our cultural angst.

At this moment, in the Northwest part of the United States we are in the middle of a series of storms arriving one after another. This chain of storms is called an atmospheric river. This river of weather began collecting moisture and energy off the coast of Japan under the influence of a typhoon named Songda. Like a river on earth it has gained intensity and gathered the resources of other lesser storms as it made its way across the Pacific Ocean toward the west coast. It now resembles an angry runaway train slamming into our coastline. More is coming. We are only in the middle of the onslaught. The worst of the storm will arrive in two days.

Yesterday, in preparation for this coming river of storms, I made sure we had extra batteries and candles should the power go out. I wanted my family to be safe and secure. Just as I prepared for disaster from a natural storm, we are to prepare for what God is about to release in the spiritual realm.

Deep divisions exist in our nation. This election cycle is bringing out the harsh realities of where we find ourselves as a nation. While all the negativity and dishonor is taking place you have an option. You can prepare for the coming storm of God’s goodness by mending relationships and keeping lines of communication open, even with your most ardent adversary. Be ready and willing to embrace and reengage relationships severed by the winds of emotion. Batten down all aspects of your life through acts of self-control. Make sure your heart is ready for the coming storm by securing your demands and perceived rights at the foot of the Cross. Keep your heart out of danger by trimming away the low-hanging branches of pride. A storm of God’s goodness is coming and He is about to blow away all that stands in the way of His love.

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