Monday, October 3, 2016

The Emergence of the Matthias Group

A new group of apostolic leadership is about to emerge in the Church. I have held off for a few weeks writing this word. I knew the content, but not the timing. Some of you have not been included within the inner circle of certain teams of ministry. This has not been a negative. These teams have been filled with good people doing good things. They were not unaware of the people who surrounded them like the 120 believers the original apostles used as a candidate pool to replace Matthias. God is positioning people like He did with Matthias to fill the vacancies coming open on the apostolic teams of our day. Some of these candidates will be taken by surprise at their selection.
The name Matthias is a name defined in the Greek language as a person with a sound mind and a self-controlled temperament. The definition also carries with it the description of a person who is a protector, a deliverer and someone who brings healing with their presence. One of root definitions of the name uses the metaphor of the human midriff. A Matthias kind of person would be someone whose life and ministry functioned like the belt of truth described by Paul in his letter to the Ephesians as he described the armor needed for spiritual battle. Matthias is a person who would walk in truth and be a unifying presence on any team.

In the next few days and weeks a Spirit-led promotion will begin taking place. This is not something you should try to make happen. This will be a God-selection. Leave it alone. Let it remain pure. God will make His choice in preparation for a fresh out-pouring of the Spirit that will require a full and functioning team of apostles in all segments of the Church. This will take place in order to equip and direct the Church into a new season when a fresh expression of Pentecost is released making possible a supernatural harvest of souls.

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