Sunday, October 2, 2016

The "What If?" Headline


What if in early in 2017, after a new President of the United States had been in office only a few short weeks, the following news headline was posted by the media?


AP)  – The President of the United States suffered what appeared to be a massive stroke in the West Wing while greeting a White House tour group. Still unverified, but an unidentified woman was said to have stepped from the crowd and yell something about a “spirit of death” while pointing her finger at the President. Witnesses at the scene say the President simply stood up and said, “I’m OK”. The President refused to take an ambulance to the hospital, but did conform to White House emergency medical protocol and went to an undisclosed hospital for further examination.  At the time of the event, witnesses informed our news source they heard the stunned President utter to a staffer something about experiencing a healing.

Later this morning in a hastily formed news conference, the White House Press Secretary informed members of the news media that the President had in fact suffered with a history of undisclosed medical issues. When pressed for further details the Press Secretary informed the press corps that the President wanted to release this information to the media against the protest of staff because what had taken place earlier in the West Wing was “nothing short of a miracle”. The Press Secretary also informed the press that the President would be spending several days at Camp David for a time of personal reflection and rest.


This “what if” kind of miracle is many times a forgotten possibility by those who see the outcome of an election as an end, not a beginning. This kind of mindset can produce frustration and a lack of control in our words and actions. If this election goes a way you do not like, never forget that God is still able to do the most stunningly miraculous things to shape world events.

Whoever is elected may someday be surfing Facebook in a rare spare moment of personal down time and be divinely directed to read something you had written about them. If you were wise with your words and expressed a Kingdom heart of love and honor, wouldn’t it be wonderfully crazy to hear a knock at your door later in the day by the Secret Service on a mission from the newly installed President wanting to meet with you behind closed doors to hear your prophetic words of hope and honor in person? 

There are always a lot of “what ifs” when God is involved. When we take Him out of any equation it will always appear to be more of the same angry and dishonoring business as usual. Believe the best. Always speak words of hope. God has plans to divinely position you to represent His heart in the most unexpected places and in the most unusual ways.

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