Sunday, October 16, 2016

This Just Happened

In our bedroom we have a digital clock. It displays the current time in glowing red numbers. The clock is only about two feet from my head. This morning, I opened my eyes and the clock was reading, “2:43”. In that moment a picture entered my mind. I saw a split screen with two images playing out at the same time.

On one side of the split screen was the image of a person waiting at the curb on a busy roadway. There was no way across. No crosswalk. No traffic signal. No break in the endless stream of speeding cars.  In that moment, at 2:43, a brightly painted white crosswalk suddenly appeared on the pavement. The traffic stopped and the person walked across.

On the other side of the split screen was one of those brightly colored weather radar maps used by a TV weather person to graphically display developing weather systems. This screen did not depict the location of cities as they normally do. The only static image on the moving map was that of a person standing and facing an approaching storm. While the storm was hitting this person full force in the face their stance had become an interrupting presence in the storm’s path creating an ever-widening V-shaped swath of peace behind them.

The Lord began to download what the images in the split screen represented. The person at the crosswalk has been praying for a way across a place of impossibility. A way across has never appeared through any human effort. In a precise moment of time, God simply made a way. As traffic is required by our traffic laws to stop at a crosswalk to allow a pedestrian to cross a street, so it was in this image, but in the authority of God’s grace and mercy expressed in love. The restricting traffic in this person’s life now had to stop and yield to the law of Love.

The Lord continued to reveal further insight of what had taken place by speaking to the people in the image. To the person standing at the crosswalk, the Lord said, “I have made a way. It is time to walk across. This crossing will remain for others to follow.” To the person standing in the storm, He said, “Turn around and look at the significance of your place. I have positioned you in this storm to protect others who will follow in the wake of your faith.”

Finally, the Lord took me to Acts 2:43 to explain the reason for waking me precisely at that time. Acts 2:43 was written shortly after the Day of Pentecost and reads, “A deep sense of awe came over them all, and the apostles performed many miraculous signs and wonders.”

While watching the image come to a completion, I noticed a similar facial expression on both people.  The person walking across the miraculous crosswalk and the person turning around in the storm to see what was happening, both had expressions of awe on their faces. For some of you these images are a picture of your life. These things just happened in the Spirit and are about to become your reality in this life. As a result of God’s supernatural intervention and revelation, a deep sense of awe is coming. You are about to experience this awe because of what God has just done for you.

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