Thursday, October 13, 2016

Your Seat at the Table of Honor

In 1990, I traveled to the old Soviet Union a year before it finally collapsed.  It still had the feel of old Russia. I was part of a group reviewing locations across the Soviet Union where we could send ministry teams. While in Moscow we visited Red Square and one of the museums in the Kremlin complex.

In a museum display, I noticed a small thimble sized goblet. It looked to be made of brass or copper. It was only about 5 inches tall. In the small thimble would be placed less than a teaspoon of salt. At formal state dinners this salt goblet would be positioned between the reigning tsar and his guest of honor. No one else got to taste the salt because it was expensive and difficult to obtain. It was a gesture of honor reserved for royal occasions.

The image of that small goblet came to my mind this morning. As its memory came so did a word from the Lord.

Some of you are being repositioned to sit in places of unexpected honor. You will be seated in these places to deliver a word from the Lord. Your place at the table will not be arranged or manipulated by human hands. This placement will be accomplished by the hand of God. The words of honor you have been speaking about those in authority will have created this place. God was looking for a voice of honor and He found you.

Once in position you will experience things not available to those who have lived in dishonor.  You have felt alone in this season of culture-wide attacks fueled by defamation. In the isolation you stood alone without taking or giving offense. You have been isolated and protected in order for God to place you at the table of influence at just the right time. This repositioning of your life will come as a surprise to many who thought they could dishonor their way forward into a place of authority. You are about to taste and see God’s goodness in an unexpected place. This will mark the beginning of a new season of spiritual authority and a new dimension of prophetic revelation.

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