Friday, November 25, 2016

A "What If?" Kind of Story

What if there was someone who felt called to share only words of hope? What if that person believed they could change the world one hope-filled utterance at a time?  What if the words that person spoke were not influenced by whoever occupied a place of power? What if?

What if one of those hope-filled words made its way through impossible barriers to arrive on the desk of a person soon to be in power? What if that word touched a place so deep in the person they felt compelled to send a private invitation to meet the author of hope face to face? What if after that meeting the person soon to be in power sent a personal invitation inviting the speaker of hope to come and sit in the audience at the ceremony installing them in their place of power? What if?

Hope carries amazing potential for change because it does not draw its ability to influence from the logic and insight of this world. Hope has the ability to supernaturally position someone who has no national platform in the presence of someone who will have the ability to influence the affairs of the world. Judgment could never accomplish that kind of placement. Only the hope of God can do such a thing.

What if you made the choice to be someone who spoke only words of hope? What could God do with your life? What if?

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