Monday, November 7, 2016

Angelic Arrivals

Last week, I posted a word about a supernatural portal opening up over the northwest region of the United States. When the Lord revealed that portal to me it literally took my breath away. It was a magnificent image. With that vision, God made it very clear to me He was releasing powerful angelic allies to help us fight a battle larger than any of us realize. I am sure others are seeing the same thing in their region of the world. The heavens are being stirred and reinforcements are being dispatched.

On Sunday, I spoke at Garden Valley Church in Roseburg, Oregon. From the very start of the service it was obvious something unusual was taking place. Jan and I had several people approach us telling us of angelic encounters during the service. One man shared with me his life-long struggle with addiction. He said when I began talking about the arrival of angels it was like an angelic mosh pit was set up in the sanctuary. Angels began to fill the sanctuary. A familiar demon of addiction approached the man and a squad of angels surrounded the demon cutting it to pieces with their swords. The man was instantly set free from his addiction. Other accounts were less violent and were simply an embrace in a time of uncertainty or a message of heavenly provision.

Ask the Lord to open your eyes to see into the realm of the Spirit. Without this kind of sight you will be looking in the wrong direction trying to find answers in the natural realm for issues that require supernatural intervention.

We are living in a moment of history when an obvious increase of God’s presence and an increase in angelic activity is taking place. Don’t buy into to the faithless fear of many who discount the presence of angelic allies. Angels are being sent by the Lord to help the Church navigate through this pivotal point in our history. Knowing we are not alone is a powerful thing to realize.  

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