Monday, November 28, 2016

Hung Out To Dry

You were hung on a relational clothesline and dismissed. You were literally hung out to dry. Those who did this to you thought by hanging you in this isolated place they would never see you again. But God had another outcome in mind. While you were hanging in isolation He began to work on our heart. You could go nowhere. You could do nothing. You were isolated with your thoughts and emotions and made the decision to let God have His way with your pain.

Just like a garment that is hung out to dry after the rough and tumble experience in a washing machine, this experience has cleansed you. In the washing cycle the deep-seated grit of resentment was finally dislodged. After a season of being hung in the drying wind of the Spirit, you are now ready for God to take you down from your place of vulnerability. He will gather you and begin iron out the wrinkles of the past and present you as a prepared garment ready to wear in the new season that has just arrived.

With God you are never hung out to dry without the hope of something better. God will use this experience for His glory and for your betterment. With God being hung out to dry is not the end. Sometimes it is the very beginning you always wanted, but never knew was possible.

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