Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Knock of the Spirit

This morning, as I lay in bed, I heard a knock. I knew it wasn’t a physical knock. It was a knock in the Spirit. It was very distinct and sounded like someone was knocking on the back door of our home. I asked the Lord to show me what He was saying. Immediately, I saw the picture of a beautiful old home on a tree-lined street with a large back porch and a screen door. The knock was not someone asking permission to enter. It was the knock from a good friend down the street who always had your permission to enter your home.

Kingdom knocking is taking place today. God is making an announcement of His intentions. Some of you will experience the arrival of answered prayers and long-awaited visitations. It is not that you are unfamiliar with these coming answers or visitations. You are well aware of each request you made to God and after making them you went on with the business of life.  These requests were filed away in faith waiting on the Lord to bring them to fruition because their fulfillment would require His supernatural intervention and empowerment if they were to become a reality. Your assignment was to continue to stand in believing faith. That faith is about to be rewarded.

Just as a good friend can assume a knock followed by a friendly-sounding, “Hello”, is all they need to announce their arrival and step into your home, so it will be today with you and God. God has arrived and assumed the same right of entry you would extend to good a friend. Answers to your prayers and the arrival of long awaited visitations are standing on your back porch ready to knock announcing their arrival. This will be a good day!

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  1. Oh how wonderful!

    As I laid in bed this afternoon I heard someone say my name. It was such a nice, welcoming, comforting voice. So welcoming and relaxing. It sounded like someone was calling me to come downstairs. (I knew no one was at home and it had to be God) and I saw a picture of myself following a man down an old beautiful staircase that had a landing that turned (just like the house you described!!!!) Your words are a wonderful confirmation to me. Things are about to turn the corner...I know it. Thank you