Friday, November 25, 2016

The Weightlessness of Faith

Just a few days ago, I had an early childhood flashback. I remembered the sensation of being carried by my father when I was a small boy. The feeling was not just the joy of having my father hold me as he walked forward, it was the feeling of being free from the emotional burdens we carry in this life and the actual physical weight of my being. It was a weightless experience.

The flashback only lasted for a moment and then it was gone. When I experienced the memory there was an immediate sense of refreshment, rest and safety. What I was feeling is how God wants us to live throughout the course of our lives no matter what our age or circumstance. I was being reminded.

Your load bearing capacity is supernatural only if God is the one carrying you and the burdens you bear. The greatest progress you will make in this life does not come from moments of personal perseverance. It will come when you finally give up and let God take you in His arms moving you forward into the future in His strength.

Today, I bless you with a sense of weightlessness. I bless you with the wisdom to confront the crippling lie that wants to crush you beneath its weight by whispering in your ear that you are always responsible for everything. I bless with the wisdom of when to tell those you love it is time for them to let go and allow God to pick them up. I bless you with a weightless faith.

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