Sunday, November 6, 2016

Waiting to Exhale

As we enter the final hours before the election results are known, we are holding our collective breath. We are like someone who was handed an envelope with an important notice inside. As the envelope is placed in our hands and we begin to open it up, we draw in our breath in anticipation of discovering the hidden message inside. Once the message is read our inhaled breath will be released to empower the first words that come from our mouth.

The words that ride upon your exhaled breath the day after the election will inform your hearers where your hope has been deposited.   As prophetic as many people have wanted to be in this pre-election season, it will be what we say when the winner is finally announced that will reveal the real prophetic content of our message.

Prepare for your coming exhale by reminding yourself who you are and where you are currently seated. You are seated with Jesus at the right hand of the Father in a place not controlled by events that transpire on Earth. In that unchanging position of authority all forms of human government and every dark spiritual force are positioned under your feet. The outcome of an election cannot change that reality.

The choice in this election, whether defined as good or bad based on your personal interpretation of the results, should not be used to create the content of the first sounds that come from your mouth once the results are known. You have been called to speak from heaven to Earth releasing words of life and hope. Any other sound will be a waste of your breath.

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