Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Decommissioned Spiritual Checkpoints

The Lord said, “You are about to experience a greater measure of freedom. The restricting presence at the border of promise has been decommissioned. You will accelerate through old barriers of fear.”

This word came when the Lord recalled the image of the old Checkpoint Charlie to my mind. Checkpoint Charlie was located in Berlin, Germany and separated East and West Berlin during the postwar occupation of the city. Jan and I lived in Berlin for four years and visited that checkpoint numerous times. It is now a museum on the side of a city street. It no longer separates families and restricts free passage. It is a thing of the past – a monument to a failed system.

There have been spiritual checkpoints set in place in your life that you felt compelled to pass through. They were set up to restrict your movement in the realm of the Spirit. They have always been decommissioned, but wanted you to believe they were real. These checkpoints were lies set in place in an attempt to limit your movement and restrict your freedom. You no longer have to pass through their deception.

The decommissioning of these dark checkpoints was accomplished in the death and resurrection of Jesus. Freedom has always been your reality. This is the time for you to act on that truth. Your world is about to radically change.

Go back to your personal checkpoint and walk through its deception in faith and confidence. As soon as you step forward in the authority of Christ the checkpoint will disappear and become a museum of a failed attempt that tried to keep you out of the very place God had called you to enter and flourish.

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