Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Drawing on the Glory

Yesterday, Ivan Roman and I grabbed some personal time. I love and appreciate Ivan. He is good friend and a man who truly seeks God's heart.

We talked about the difference between drawing on a spiritual gift and drawing on the glory of God. The former can feel like labor while the latter will always bring a feeling of release and freedom.

I think we try to draw on particular gifts because it is something we can get our minds around and understand. We even have spiritual gift surveys and tests as evidence of that desire. There are no surveys or tests for the glory of God. The glory does not allow its potential to be surveyed or tested. It is something we can only follow and in the following experience what it releases.

This is a breakthrough concept if it can become a reality in our personal lives and our corporate gatherings. It is in the glory where the miracles and manifestations of the Spirit are experienced without human effort. Seek the glory and the gifts will follow.

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