Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Gift-wrapped Promises

The fulfillment of a promise God made to you is about to arrive as a beautifully wrapped gift. You will be astonished to discover the wrapping and presentation of the promise will be as equally beautiful as the gift itself.

When I was a kid growing up in the 1950’s shopping for Christmas meant driving to downtown San Jose, California to visit Macy’s. It was different then. People dressed up and made shopping an event. The experience looked like one of those old black and white Christmastime movies. Women wore dresses with heels and the men wore hats and polished shoes.

This morning those images from long ago prompted a specific memory. I can still see the inside of Macy’s. For the son of a carpenter this was a very fancy place. It was also expensive. My father liked to go to Macy’s each year to buy my mom her favorite perfume called, Great Lady. He would also buy her something special like a dress or a nightgown. I remember going to the gift-wrap area in the store with my father where he would pay extra to have the gifts wrapped in the most beautiful of wrappings. They were works of art. I recall gold and silver ribbons and bows tied around exquisite wrapping that resembled expensive wallpaper.

Those images from my childhood reveal how God will deliver His promises to you during this season of your life. These promises are gifts that will be delivered as an expression of His love and adoration for you. Love and adoration was the look in my father’s eyes on Christmas morning when he handed beautifully wrapped gifts to my mother.

God values what He is about to deliver to you so much that He will wrap it in a beautiful circumstance to make its delivery. The preparation of the gift and its planned delivery will be stunning. When you finally see the gift arrive you will not be able to imagine what is inside the wrapping could be anymore more wonderful, but it will be! God loves to create a feeling of suspense and expectation in His children regarding the gifts of His goodness. Gift-wrapped promises held for this moment in time will soon arrive to let you know God loves you and He has not forgotten the promises He made.

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