Saturday, December 3, 2016

Recovering a Lost Promise

The Spirit of God is about to unearth, in the rubble of your personal history, promises that have been forgotten and considered lost. The unearthing of these parts of your history will provide the guidance and direction needed to help you find your place in the coming reformation of the Church.

I follow a Facebook site called Secrets of the Ice. Due to the receding of glaciers around the world teams of glacial archaeologists are being sent out to recover what is being revealed. They are discovering previously unknown archaeological treasures that would have remained a secret unless revealed by the receding ice field of a glacier.

In one episode an archaeologist held a very well preserved arrow that was just discovered. It was thousands of years old and fully intact. The point, shaft and feathers were all present. It had somehow survived under the weight of the ice after all these years. The arrow was alone and not in a quiver. It was most likely shot and lost in the snow during a hunt.

As I wrote these words, I was drawn to II Kings 13 when the prophet, Elisa, was getting ready to die. The king of Israel came to visit the old prophet. Elisa told the king to shoot an arrow through an open window to the east as a prophetic act signifying his victory in battle over the Arameans. Then Elisa told the king to strike the ground with his remaining handful of arrows. The king only hit the ground three times. Elisa became upset telling the king he should have kept hitting the ground. The three strikes of the arrows indicated a limited faith. It was a contradiction to the king’s willingness to shoot the first arrow through the window. This faithless act would limit the scope of victory in future battles.

Some of you are like the king. You shot your arrow through a window of faith creating an image of what you wanted to see God do, but you did not match that prophetic act with a continued measure of faith. Like the king, you limited God’s ability to assist you by a faithless response. You went into your future and experienced a victory limited in scope to what God had originally intended. He had plans for a much larger victory that would have been revealed by an expanded boundary line defining the partnership between your faith and God’s supernatural intervention. 

God is about to give you another chance to shoot your arrow and strike the ground in faith. Like an archaeologist who discovered a hidden arrow, you will see again the arrow you first shot through your window of faith. It has been buried and preserved under the intensity of the last season. It was never lost – just hidden in a place of disbelief. Pick it up and shoot it again. Take all the arrows out of your quiver of promise and begin to beat the ground in faith and do not stop. Your rediscovery of this promise from the past is critical because its discovery will help you reengage your destiny and move forward in God’s Kingdom.

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  1. I Agree ... and Receive ... I have been having promises fulfilled still, just not how I imagined and greater than I first supposed in a different timing than I expected, how about you?
    I know there is more coming to pass just as He foretold ... made alive within. When the world feels like it is falling apart the Kingdom of God is actually falling into place according to the Wisdom of Our Father, may we each see through Father's Eyes of Eternity.
    That which Father make alive in you is coming to pass... not just for our Sake but His Kingdom Sake, where we abide within as we find ourselves becoming A Christed One ...