Saturday, December 31, 2016

Reestablishing Contact in 2017

Some of you feel like a satellite that has been faithfully orbiting a marriage, a business vision or a ministry calling, but you have lost communication with those who sent you on the mission. You feel lost in space. Some of you have given up hope because it has been so long since you last heard any meaningful transmission. You thought this lost feeling would be your lot in life, but God has another plan.

Something remarkable has taken place in the scientific world. A satellite launched by MIT in 1967 was abandoned and considered lost forever when its communication system stopped working. It was assumed it would become another piece of space junk that would move forever in a silent orbit around Earth. It has now begun to transmit after almost 50 years of silence. 

Scientists believe the batteries of the original communication unit have long been depleted. The transmissions coming now are being powered by solar panels on the satellite that capture energy from the Sun. The satellite has been tumbling end over end every 4 seconds. At some point in orbit, the solar panels were realigned with the Sun and caught just enough sunlight to send a short transmission of the satellite’s existence.

The satellite is a picture of what will take place for some of you in 2017. You have felt lost in a hopeless orbit. Those who sent you on the mission have given up on you. It has been so long since anyone heard from you they consider you and your circumstance to be lost in space.

Something beyond belief is about to take place. A reconnection is coming. Marriages lost in a passionless orbit will hear sounds of love once again. A business written off as doomed to failure will begin to transmit profit. Ministry callings long abandoned to an orbit of irrelevance will come back to life with new purpose.

Like the satellite that has been tumbling end over end, you have felt disoriented and spinning out of control. God is about to stabilize your orbit and reestablish communication to the control systems in your life. This will be your new orbit for 2017. The orbit of silence is coming to an end.

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