Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Spiritual Stakeouts

For a few years as a cop, I was part of an Organized Crime unit. It was very different than working the street in uniform in a marked car. All of us had beards and long hair. We looked like outlaw bikers. One of the things we routinely did was to conduct stakeouts. TV dramatizes these assignments. For the most part they were long hours of boredom drinking lots of coffee and looking through binoculars recording the movement of criminals. But, there were times when things heated up and became more than just watching.

A few days ago, I heard in my spirit the words, “Spiritual Stakeout”. Some of you have been positioned in secret places of prayer and obedience. No one knows you are there except those with you in the stakeout. It has been a long tour of duty. To be honest, you really want this to be done. You want to move on, but you know God has you there for a reason. So you continue to wait, watch and pray.

Stay put. Don’t call it quits just yet. Things are about to heat up. God will reward your time of prayer and waiting with the revelation this stakeout promised to deliver. You are about to discover why God assigned you to this particular detail. You will collect the revelation needed to pray with a directed authority to thwart a work of darkness that would have gone undetected had you not been in place.

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