Sunday, January 8, 2017

A Word for the Foursquare Church

 This morning, I sensed a stirring. I was not sure how to describe what I was feeling. I asked the Lord to help me discern the emotion. He did and provided an image as the explanation.

I saw a large gathering of Foursquare Churches. It looked like it could be the setting of an international convention, a large regional conference or a church auditorium. Someone was at the pulpit preaching. The stage backdrop was done with professional blue lighting. The meeting was progressing as planned.

My attention was drawn out into the audience. I saw two men turn and begin talking to each other. One of the men, a pastor, had a cane and walked with a limp. Immediately he was healed. He began to leap with joy. The other man, also a trusted leader, led the healed pastor down the aisle toward the front. They climbed the stairs to the platform without invitation and stood next to the speaker who had stopped speaking because of the unplanned interruption.

The man leading the healed pastor shared with the audience what had just taken place. Then the healed pastor gave his testimony and invited the sick and crippled in the room to come forward for healing. People began to flood the platform. As soon as they stepped foot on the platform they were instantly healed. People on the platform and out in the audience began to jump up and down shouting with joy. Pandemonium broke out. The meeting agenda was canceled. A move of God was breaking out in the gathering.

As the image came to me a great joy filled my heart. Something fresh is about to fall in the Foursquare Churches. It will break out in the middle of the best-laid plans of faithful people.

The release of what is to come will begin with the spark from a single act of courageous obedience. That spark will then be carried back to local churches around the world to ignite a great move of God. 

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