Sunday, January 29, 2017

Our National Invasions

The culture of the United States has experienced two invasions in the last two Presidential election cycles. Eight years ago, half of the United States felt that a foreign power had invaded our nation with an unfamiliar mindset. Today, the polar opposite has occurred. Half of the nation now feels as if another invading army has arrived to set up a different culture. Invasions can cause us to feel like we are living in an occupied nation depending on which side of the social landscape our worldview falls.

An invasion is a result of what military strategists called an offensive. In these offensives, one geopolitical force displaces another with the goal of liberation through conquering a nation and its populace by force. A unique danger lingers upon the arrival of new troops after the initial victory. The invading troops will still be on the offensive until the dust has settled from the battle and new lines of authority are established setting a new government in place.

We are in such a moment of transition. If you follow Jesus, no matter which side of the issues your opinions fall, this is a time to assess and evaluate how you will respond in this time of transition. Guard your response to what is taking place around you. Make sure your response is empowered by the love of God.

Like a military campaign still in the dangerous mopping up stage after a victory, needless casualties can occur when emotion, not wisdom, fuel our action and conversation. As a believer, you will never be fully committed to either side of a national conflict because you are responding to something higher in purpose than the outcome of any cultural conflict. This is the fine line of spiritual balance required of each believer who prays and acts on earth as it is in heaven.

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