Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Damascus Road of Media

God wants us to see through and beyond the obvious. He has given us the ability to see through the prepared script of the natural world into the realm of the Spirit. Without this dimension of sight, we will come to the same conclusions as an unredeemed mind. 

A.W. Tozer wrote,  “The man who has been taught by the Holy Spirit will be a seer rather than a scholar. The difference is that the scholar sees and the seer sees through, and that is a mighty difference indeed.” I believe Tozer was prophesying to the Church throughout the ages, but his words ring especially true in this moment of history. Change is in the air.

God is raising a cadre of seers from within the camps of entrenched social bias that exist on both sides of each cultural issue. Significant voices in the media are about to experience a supernatural transformation giving them the ability to see through the deception they have created. These newly transformed media seers will be used by God to dismantle the megaphones of darkness that carried their voice. The sounds of reformation will be released from the point of this revelation.

These events will be as stark in contrast and effect as Paul’s experience with Jesus on the road to  Damascus. Paul’s sudden transformation was viewed with great suspicion in the Church. The same thing will take place today. As events unfold, hold your final verdict until God has finished His work. God will ask you to believe what appears too good to believe to the natural mind.

Ask God to give you ears to hear and eyes to see what the Spirit is doing. You cannot assume the opinions you currently hold fully reflect the heart of God unless you have been able to see through the current issues instead of just seeing the issues. There is depth and dimension to this revelation. Revelation is never one-dimensional. It is always deeper than our current understanding. When this revelation comes it will bring unusual transformation to our media and that will be a mighty difference indeed.

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