Monday, March 27, 2017

Reestablishing Lost Connections

Long lost connections are about to be reestablished. Lines of communication that were cut off through no fault of your own will reconnect once again. God is bringing things back together. Trust Him.

I love to hear the stories of pioneer missionaries. Their stories of sacrifice make me appreciate what I have. Years ago, I listened to an old veteran missionary share the stories of his early years of missions work. He and his family were called to an island nation in Asia. This was back in the early 1960’s. The island had no phone service. For two years their only contact with home was via mail service. The mail took several weeks to make the trip home and several weeks to receive a letter in response. It was a lonely calling.

Finally, the island got a very limited and primitive form of phone service. The missionaries were able to make a call home using the single phone located in the village near where they worked.  In a letter sent home, they informed their family back in the United States to be waiting by the family phone on Christmas to receive their first call from overseas. When the phone connection finally went through, the call lasted only long enough for the missionary to say hello to his family and for his family to return their greeting and then the phone connection was lost – the line went silent. It was an entire year before phone service could be reestablished in the village and another phone call was made. After three years and thousands of miles of separation, the missionary told me he was finally able to have a conversation with his family back home. It was a joyous day.

With God, nothing is ever lost. The loss of communication you experienced in a prematurely disconnected relationship, one you think is lost forever, is not lost to God. God knows this has been a challenging time of silence and a sorrowful season of waiting. Don’t give up. God is working for you to establish a reconnection. When that reconnection is finally made it will express the desire of your heart and His.

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