Thursday, March 9, 2017

Repainting the Portrait of Your Life

Last night, I had two separate dreams that were somehow connected. Both dreams looked like oil paintings. One image was of a bow, as in a bow and arrow. At first, I expected to see the image of an arrow shot into the air and stuck in the ground but instead of the arrow sticking into the ground it was the end of the bow. The image told me the bow, not the arrow was launched. The second painting was a deflated football. It was lying on the ground between the painted yardage markers of a football field.

I have carried those two images for the last few hours not knowing what to make of them. Then the Lord began to speak. He said the bow represents a way of doing life and ministry that has reversed its order. Original and creative ways of living were given to each of us based on who we are and where we are assigned. Some of you have exchanged your unique model for a copy belonging to someone else. Instead of launching arrows of faith from your calling and anointing you are launching someone else’s model. Their bow, not your arrows, are sticking in the ground. God is calling you back to your original design to become an original once again.

The deflated football represents what fills our lives. Some well-meaning people are trying to move down the field of life with a ball that needs a fresh infilling of God’s Spirit. The ball they have been carrying has slowly been deflating. It is now without air. The ball can no longer be grasped in a way that allows the game to be played with a fullness that comes from the supernatural breath of God. Call a time out. Seek the Lord and ask Him to fill you so you can begin to move forward in strength and authority. Deflated lives are stationary and powerless lives. 

Invite God to come and paint new portraits.  In those new images, you will see arrows of faith launched and striking new territory. You will see your life fully inflated moving with God's Spirit toward the end zone of your calling. 

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