Sunday, April 23, 2017

A New Book is Coming

The Lord has birthed a new book in my heart. Several months ago, my friend, Denny Cline, invited me to speak at the Northwest Reformation Summit in Albany, Oregon. We just concluded the final conference session last night. What a powerful time!

In the months of prayer and study leading up to the conference, I began to hear a word about a coming reformation in the Church. What God is planning has created a fresh sense of expectation in my heart. The coming reformation will be both simple and profound and will shake the mountains of culture.

The book should be in print this summer. The title is - The Sound of Reformation. I am putting this information out today on my social media accounts to ask you to pray as we fine tune the final manuscript to make it ready for publication.

God is releasing the sound of reformation through His Church and that sound will transform our culture. Every follower of Christ will have a part to play in this coming reformation. The world is waiting to hear the unique sound you are about to release. I am excited for you!

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