Friday, April 14, 2017

The Doorway of Reformation

In each reformation of the Church, two doorways will appear. One door will be labeled Fear and the other Faith. In some ways, these two doorways can look similar unless properly discerned. The door of fear is framed with the appealing familiarity of a religious spirit. Fear burns heretics at the stake -  its solution to any challenge is death. The door of faith is framed with the hope that something good exists beyond our current reality. Faith resurrects people and gives them new life. 

It is easier to enter the door of fear than it is to enter the door of faith. Fear does not require change. Fear wants you to think it is your religious duty to carry forever your assumptions about your current reality. “Unchanging” is the terminology of fear. Faith requires that we let go of the assumptions that can hinder a greater revelation of God that will be required to navigate into the new future a reformation in our thinking will create. Letting go is never a threat to the secure foundations of our faith. It is only a threat to the presence of fear.

Pause and lay aside your assumptions before you approach these doorways. Assumptions not challenged by truth and history will follow you through the doorway of fear to create more fear in the future. The doorway of faith will not allow your assumptions to pass through its portal. Only open and empty hands can cross its threshold.

A reformation of the Church is now in process. Two doorways are standing before you. Choose the doorway of faith no matter what the cost. The One who is the Author of your faith will never leave you or forsake in this moment of decision.  Ask Him to help you step forward and turn the knob on the door of faith. When you step forward you will carry the elements of reformation in your heart. Once you make this passage nothing will ever be the same again. 

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