Monday, June 19, 2017

Hearing the Sounds of Heaven

Certain sounds pull on the deep emotions of my soul. The sound of a violin solo, water moving across smooth stones in a mountain stream or a loon calling out as it swims across a lake through a wisp of early morning fog.

There are two levels where we process these beautiful sounds. One level is simply for their beauty and the emotional massage they provide for our weariness or stress. The other level is deeper. This is the level of spiritual revelation where God uses the sound to get our attention so He can speak to us. There are times when He gets our attention so we can simply enjoy the beauty of the sound together in a moment silence.

Today, take the time to become aware of the sounds of beauty all around you hidden in the hurried pace of life. Follow them to a deeper place. God has given you the ability to hear sound naturally but He has also given you the ability to hear the deeper sounds of a Spirit-inspired revelation. This kind of hearing requires that you become still long enough to listen.  In the pause, you will hear the most beautiful messages about life only available to those who offered God the gift of a quiet and listening heart.

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