Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Spiritual Sorbet

It is always a dangerous game to judge a person based on rumor and second-hand information. I have stopped coming to any conclusion about someone unless I have firsthand information about them from personal interaction with them.

The higher in public visibility you rise the more vicious this can become. I have seen pastors and entire church movements discredited because someone watched a YouTube video or read a blog that casually tossed out their credibility. These forms of bait are trolled on social media to get other people to jump on the judgment bandwagon. After taking the bait people jerk their emotional knee each time the person’s name or ministry is mentioned. At that point, these ill-informed judges join in partnership with another kingdom.

 I remember when Jan and I were invited to a dinner prepared by a chef in a private home. We sat with other guests around a beautifully prepared table. The meal lasted five hours with course after course of exquisite presentations. Between each course, we were served sorbet to cleanse our palates. The chef wanted our taste buds fresh and ready to enjoy each of her creations. It was beyond wonderful.

It is time for some of us to eat the spiritual sorbet of mercy and honor to cleanse our palates from words that have discredited people and dishonored God. Some have tasted these demonic delicacies for so long it has affected how they choose to see and speak about the people they do not know or understand.

Eat the sorbet and reset the capacity of your heart to love and accept other people, even those you might disagree with. God has some interesting people for you to meet. He wants your heart cleansed and ready to receive those introductions when they finally arrive - in person.

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