Thursday, July 27, 2017

The Two Promises

My wife, Jan, said something if understood and lived out would offer us tremendous freedom and peace of mind. Jan said, “We are only promised this moment and eternity”.

Understanding the reality of that simple statement would remove much of the fear and angst we carry in our lives. The first disciples lived within that reality and their lives were a witness of great faith and hope. We have the opportunity to walk forward with that same kind of faith and hope if we do not live in fear of a future that has not yet arrived or in the prison of the painful mistakes from our past. The moment is a where God promises to encounter us. It is in this moment where He is speaking comforting and encouraging words if we will listen.

What shows us whether we understand this or not is expressed in our ability to trust God.  Trust is powerful. It has the ability to cast out fear from the present because we know our future is secure.

1 comment:

  1. Jesus spoke to me this afternoon, after I witnessed to my nurse. He said "Today you have stepped into my deeper waters." How humbling.
    I've been playing in the sand; He's given me a faith that could move a mountain.
    This moment and eternity. I will start living my life that way. Viola Reid