Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The Threshold of Simplicity

Yesterday, Jan and I had a meal with some good friends from the East Coast. They are involved in a ministry that trains young leaders. As usual, our conversation was filled with Kingdom strategy and planning.

During our conversation, I saw an image. It was the threshold of a doorway. A threshold is that part of the door frame you step over to enter a room. This threshold had been undone from the doorframe. I saw my friend holding the wooden threshold just in front of his face as he walked forward into the next season of his life and ministry. He was using the presence of the threshold to evaluate what he allowed to enter his life. I shared the word with my friends then I realized it was a word for all of us.

A threshold is a spiritual and relational barrier to the interior of our lives. We are in charge of what crosses its defining line. I saw my friend walking through his life engaging relationships and decisions while he held the threshold. He was evaluating both his existing relationships and new ones currently being offered. As he conversed with people, he held the wooden threshold right in front of his face. While he thoughtfully considered what was being offered he tested each new offering to see if it could cross the threshold of simplicity. If what was being offered would complicate his life or his faith, he did not allow it to cross the threshold.

Today, pick up your threshold of simplicity and hold it in front of your face as you listen to what other people want to bring into your life that could derail the simplicity of your life and mission. Ask God to give you the right words to speak to those who are wanting to cross your threshold and establish their presence in your life. The power and impact God wants to release through your life will require that you stay focused and simple. You are the only one who is able to determine what crosses the threshold of your life. Choose wisely.

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