Friday, September 1, 2017

Breaking Camp

When we are personally under attack it is too easy to circle our wagons in fear and stop moving forward in faith.

The term, “Circle the wagons!” was a command issued by wagon masters in real life and later dramatically depicted in western movies when a wagon train came under attack. In the American West, it saved lives as a temporary survival tactic. Circling the wagons could have created jeopardy for the pioneers if no one had the courage to tell the travelers to eventually break camp and get moving once again. Without this command, the circled wagons would have become a permanent settlement causing the pioneers to never reach their ultimate destination.

This happens in spiritual matters. Circling the wagons of faith can take place in a personal life, a local church or a movement of churches when we feel our particular version of theology or style of ministry is under attack. There are times to close ranks when unrighteous attacks come our way but at some point, we need to get the theological wagon train moving again and not park in a place of fear and become known only for our defensiveness.

An attack and the resulting stress an attack creates can become a permanent defensive encampment if no one issues the command hitch the wagons and break camp. We can park in our defensive circle and become comfortable with the counterfeit to such a degree that we eventually give up on our ultimate destination of faith. As a result, we settle for a small existence living within the narrow confines of our protected exclusiveness.

It is time for some of you to break camp and leave the fear of an encircled life behind.  You have not been called to live out your days forever encircled by the fear of another attack.  The fulfillment of your life and calling awaits the courageous exercise of your faith.

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