Saturday, September 16, 2017

Moving In Supernatural Timing

I saw a person moving in slow motion through a scene of their life that was running at full speed. People, cars, and buildings sped past the person like a blurred special effect created by a photographer. Something supernatural was taking place. An interruption of natural time was happening.
As the person moved through what seemed like spiritual molasses, revelation began to come that was previously hidden in a hectic pace of their life. Sounds began to emerge from the deafening noise of everyday life. These were sounds were heard for the first time in understandable tones giving the person the time and ability required to discern the message they contained. 

Once the person received the fresh revelation and heard the new sound, God returned them to real-time. As soon as the person reentered the normal pace of their life, a decision stood awaiting their return. What was gained in the slow-motion moment of the Spirit contained the answer that had eluded them in real-time.

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