Friday, September 29, 2017

The Passionate Embrace of God

When I gave Jan the first hug of the morning, I pulled her in extra close. When our faces met, something funny happened. Jan said, "Look at your glasses. They are all fogged up!" Through my foggy lens, I smiled and said, "We still have the passion even at 4:30 in the morning." We both laughed. I then said something else not for public consumption and we laughed once again and went about our morning writing routine.

That humorous experience reaffirmed something I have known for years. You have to be close in order to be intimate. What takes down a marriage, destroys a friendship or causes us to believe lies about God's love is many times the result of not living in daily intimacy with God. This is a transparent intimacy where nothing is hidden.

The answers to the most challenging circumstances in your life will not come because you have everything figured out and know the eventual outcome. These answers can never bring you peace. The most life-transforming answer to your questions is an assurance that no matter what happens, you are loved by God.

Pull God close today and maybe the glasses you are using to interpret your life will fog up enough to blur the details of your situation so that your only remaining interpretive tool is your ability to feel His embrace. In that embrace, the answer you seek will come. And sometimes the answer is not an answer at all. It is simply knowing you are loved and that everything will work out for the good because you belong to God.

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