Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Your Emotional Zoo

Some of you feel like an animal that has been captured and trapped in a zoo. You have been taken against your will from a place where you were surrounded by loving relationships. You now live surrounded by restraining bars and fake scenery. People are peering in at your life. You are more isolated here than you ever were roaming in the most remote expanse of your original home. This zoo is not the life God intends for you to have. You long for the open space where you could run in freedom with family and friends. You have tried to adapt to this captured life. Don’t! This is not your real home. God has heard the cry of your heart – a cry you have stopped making because you assumed there is no way out. Get ready. The Lord is coming to open the gate and walk you out of this emotional zoo and bring you back home to set you free once again.

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