Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Consumed or Devoured

There is a vast difference between being consumed by the love of God or being devoured by a work of hell. 
The dictionary definition of “consumed” carries with it the meaning, “to do away with completely, to use up”. “Devour” means “to eat up or prey upon quickly, to destroy, to swallow up”. The defining difference between consuming and devouring is the goal of each process. In love, God consumes those things that do not reflect the beauty of His created image in our lives. He consumes those things in love. He did away with them completely when He died on the Cross and rose to a place of absolute victory. We open our lives up to being devoured by hellish plans when we continue to believe the lies about our true identity. When we open our minds to this faulty thinking we run through life as fearful prey allowing hell to sink its fangs into our life and our destiny eventually devouring our hope.
The refining fire of God is a beautiful and merciful act of love. Invite, even welcome, this refining love into your life. When the fire of God has finished its work you will no longer be seen as prey by the enemy. You will be seen as a formidable opponent tested in the refining fires of love. In the process, the blade of your testimony will have been tempered and sharpened to a razor’s edge. When you wield your blade it will cut quickly and powerfully through every deception that stands in your way. Hell and all its lies will then become your prey consumed by the overwhelming power of love.

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