Monday, October 9, 2017

Heaven's Timestamp

Everything we post has a time stamp. A time stamp tells us when something like an email, photo or video was posted or shared on a particular platform like social media. It marks the moment of publication. The same is true in matters of faith.

Every time you act in faith you are time-stamping a moment on the developing timeline of this reality. When you act in faith Heaven declares through you an authority that overrides what has been interpreted through the natural senses, predicted by the limitations of past data or declared as a foregone conclusion by a faithless observation. In the moment your faith was released it time-stamped these limited indicators and set in motion the timer of God that will run until the moment of fulfillment.

Our acts of faith are more powerful than we could ever imagine. They set in motion a new narrative and the possibility of a new outcome for those situations into which you released an act of obedience or spoke a word of faith.

Review the words and actions of faith you have released. Each one time-stamped this realm. When you spoke in faith Heaven began to move resources and angelic assistance toward those time-stamped moments thinking you would continue to partner with the fulfillment of what was promised.

Rediscover the original narrative created by those words and begin to speak them once again. This will return you to the path that will lead you to a supernatural outcome that had its beginning when your faith first time-stamped this reality with a promise from Heaven.

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