Tuesday, October 10, 2017

A Tornado of God's Presence

Last night, Jan and I were worshipping at a conference with hundreds of pastors and leaders from the Pacific Northwest. Immediately, the worship became beautifully intense. I sensed something unusual happen in the Spirit. It was so unusual that I actually turned my head around to look out over the worshippers that filled the large sanctuary. In that moment, I saw small tornados, hundreds of them, moving all across the room. I knew these tornados did not come to bring destruction. They came for a life-giving purpose.

The tornados looked like those I have seen in weather videos that emerge from the base of storm clouds. They had not yet touched down. They were moving across the room during worship waiting for a command.

As the worship deepened, the tail of each of the tornados began to touch down not on the ground but on the top of the heads of the worshippers. The heads of people all across the room were being enveloped by the base of these swirling tornados. The Lord began to uproot stress, fatigue and wrong thinking pulling these things out of the people. It was as if the vacuum of Heaven was blowing through the room picking up anything that would hinder these pastors and leaders and stand in the way of what God had planned for them personally and for the conference.

Many times we gather together not knowing what we really need. We continue to carry the weight of our lives and ministries assuming this is part of our calling and somehow proves our worth. God is coming to collect these hindering possessions. His presence will draw them out of our lives like a powerful natural tornado would uproot a large tree with deep roots and take it away. God will do this if we simply turn to Him in worship like the people were doing last night at the conference.

A personal tornado of God’s presence is coming to touch down on your life. The only thing you need to do is look to Him with a heart of worship. Because of that simple act of faith, everything will begin to change.

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