Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Your One Smooth Stone

These are the realities regarding your coming confrontation:

You have identified the Goliath that stands before you.
You are about to engage in a showdown with a lie.
You have heard the giant's taunts and mockery.
You have rejected the armor offered by others for this battle.
You have stripped down to what you know works for you.
You possess the equivalent of only 5 smooth stones.
You can only trust in God to give you the victory.

Something truly remarkable is about to take place if you engage this battle as you and not someone else. This is not a time to take on anything unfamiliar or suggested by others no matter how well-intentioned.

To be honest, we really don’t know why David picked up only 5 stones. There have been many attempts to answer that question and every suggestion is a guess. The most believable answer usually comes from the most simple explanation. Collecting five smooth stones is how David prepared each day to go out and watch his father’s sheep. When faced with Goliath, David performed the same familiar routine of preparation that he did many times before. His pouch had room for five stones. 

No shepherd would want to take the time required to search and find a suitable rock to fit in his sling when a wolf was advancing on his flock. Shepherds lived prepared. David faced wild animals and thieves equipped as a shepherd ready for any threat. Simplicity is what David knew and it worked for him in the past and it would work for him when he faced Goliath. God did not ask David to become someone else in battle. The same applies to you. God has a plan for victory that will take place using the simple version of you coupled with your unique expression of faith to do what some have labeled impossible.

You have proven rocks in your spiritual shepherd’s bag. Anyone of them can dispatch the giant before you. Keep your eye on your adversary as you approach him. This is what David did. He was so familiar with the contents of his rock pouch that he could reach down and retrieve one of them while on the run toward the battle without losing focus on his adversary. Don’t over-spiritualize the encounter you are about to have with your personal giant. Run toward the lie with confidence and reach into your bag of faith and pick a rock. Anyone of them will get the job done because they will be guided by your experience and the presence of Almighty God.

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